Wasn’t going to upload this but fuck it I feel curvy and yay.




Dear Sion and Wales online,

I have just only heard about the article you wrote about my friend. My father told me as he picked me up from work. What he told me made me angry but I hoped that maybe he had misread some of the article. Or that it was just wasn’t as bad as I thought. I have just…

This. Flipping THIS. My friend nearly got killed by a soldier, and Wales-online is making HIM out to be the one in the wrong. Absolute bullcrap. Send an email to Wales Online. Send all the emails. So angry.

Media fucking everything up once again. Cant just pull ideas out of the air and publish them you morons. 

Fucking disgusting article by WalesOnline.


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Tom K with a massive ollie down this daunting set, which gives you almost no room to roll out before the wall.